Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Full Fade Wave Blanket - The Theory

Let me share with you the plan I have for my Full Fade Wave Blanket for my mummy. When she saw my wave blanket she wanted one. I didn't have the time or money to make it at the time but vowed I would make it this year, and if possible before it got cold.

I though and though and came up with this plan, be warned I think in maths so its a bit algebraic at times.

The basic idea is to take a few colors of yarn and fade through the colors from one end to the other by changing the combinations of yarns and by patterning the rows. So we fade in two ways, both in the color of the yarn (produced by combining multiple strands) and the pattern by staggering the colors into each other. Hopefully you will understand what I mean later if my description is not very good here.

For 2 strands the number to colors you can make from Y yarns is 2Y-1. 
For 3 strands Y yarns makes 3Y-2. 

So we can expand and add more strands and/or yarns using the formula :
            C = S x Y - (S-1)
where C=colours, S= strands, Y= yarns.
# As you use more strands adjust your hook size to match.

You can also adjust the size of each fade. You can go: 121, 12321, 1234321. Below are representations of the 3 fades.




To calculate the length of the finished blanket we need to take the number of colours and multiply by the stitches in the fade and then subtract the tail ends of the fades and finally multiply by the height of your double crochet. Let me explain:

A tail is the stitches either before or after (as its symmetrical) the centre of the fade that we want to remove to leave the first/last fade starting/ending on its largest number.

A 121 fade is 4 stitches long (1+2+1), its tail in 1.
A 12321 fade is 9 stitches long (1+2+3+2+1) and its tail is 3 (1+2)
A 1234321 fade is 16 stitches long (1+2+3+4+3+2+1) and its tail is 6 (1+2+3)

So for our equation we have:
            Rows = C x F - 2T
Where C=colours, F=stitches in fade, T=stitches in tail.

Here is an example:
5 yarns using 2 strands at a time and a 12321 fade:
            C = S x Y - (S-1)
            C = 2 x 5 - (2-1)
            C = 10 - 1
            C = 9
            Rows = C x F - 2T
            Rows = 9 x 9 - 2 x 3
            Rows = 81 - 6
            Rows = 75
I know my double crochet is 15mm high when I use a 8mm hook and 2 strands so my blanket will be 15x75 = 1125mm, or 1.125 meters long approximately, there is likely to be rounding errors but it gives us a rough idea. 

OK lets try another.
3 yarns using 3 strands at a time and a 1234321 fade:
            C = S x N - (S-1)
            C = 3 x 3 - (3-1)
            C = 9 - 2
            C = 7
            Rows = C x F - 2T
            Rows = 7 x 16 - 2 x 6
            Rows = 112 - 12
            Rows = 100
Measure the test piece to find the height of the stitches and then multiply by 100.

And another.
4 yarns, 3 strands and 12321 fade:
            C = S x N - (S-1)
            C = 3 x 4 - (3-1)
            C = 12 - 2
            C = 10
            Rows = C x F - 2T
            Rows = 10 x 9 - 2 x 3
            Rows = 90 - 6
            Rows = 84

Last one:
3 yarns, 3 strands, and 12321 fade.
             C = S x N - (S-1)
             C = 3 x 3 - (3-1)
             C = 9 - 2
             C = 7
             Rows = C x F - 2T
             Rows = 7 x 9 - 2 x 3
             Rows = 63 - 6
             Rows = 57
This is the one I will use, a test piece measures about 25mm a stitch so hopefully my blanket will be about 1.4m long.

The bee hive blanket

Its complete! After months of work, and may distractions its finally done!

This was meant to be my summer blanket but its taken me so long to do its almost autumn here. But I am happy with it. 

This is the pattern I used:

Where mine has 2 rows each if 3 colors (i.e. is 2 rounds larger). 

I joined it all together using this technique:

I like the way the pieces meet, looks neat. I have been thinking about adding an edge but I think I am going to leave it as it is. I like it, it feels warm and inviting.

Next comes the full wave blanket for my mum. Then me partner wants one too. I still have 2 dresses, a DS cover and a bag to make, plus more I am sure I am forgetting.

Oh and here is the bee cushion I made to go with the bee hive blanket. He looks a little wonky coz I have been sitting on him. Still needs a mouth though.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Some Dream Clothes - Thinking Autumn

Here are some pictures off my Lolita fashion Pinterest board that I love. They for me say autumn. The summer is over and its time to calm down and take it easy for a bit. Gone are the bright exciting colors, that time for fire and energy are over. Now we take our time to walk in the warm evening that is autumn and relax before winter comes.

I love the yoke on this, the pin tucks and buttons are just perfect. This in may ways sums up Lolita fashion to me. Its well made, from good material. Styled to flatter the lady. Tailored to fit just right. Just lovely.

This is so sweet, with a shawl to keep the chill off and its wonderful. 
The detail on this is lovely, the layered dress over blouse, a little warmer, the warm tones, perfect.


And of course proper layers, I am a real sucker for a cardigan.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Afternoon Tea Society First Bake Off.

On the way to go pick strawberries earlier in the year the idea of a bake of came up. We all loved it, we love too bake after all, we just needed a plan. 

We decided the format, 2 rounds each with a winner and an overall winner. We agreed to have a technical round and a creative round. Then we needed to decide what to make.

The first round was easy to decide once we had a date, a few days before the event was me stepdads birthday. So we appointed him one of our 3 judges and made the technical round his favorite cake. Coffee cake it was.

Next was the creative round, we needed something vague that gave us lots of room to be creative. What to pick was a big question. We thought long and hard and finally decided on apple, that was our second round.

I was so sure I didn't have a chance when I saw how amaisingly good all the other entrants bakes looked. I felt out matched, these where beautiful cakes that smelled like heaven! 

So my surprise my apple and cinnamon cookies won, I knew they where nice having made them for work a week before to test the recipe but I really didn't think they would hold up agenst the others.

Below is a picture of all of the entrants the middle 3 of us holding our winners spoons. 

I will post my winning cookie recipe at a later date.

Lizzies cup

For my friend Lou's birthday we surprised her with an afternoon of decorating cups. This is the one my friend Lizzie did. She is a big fan of the alot. 

Mine will follow later. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn here

Looks like autumn is here today. A bitterly cold wind blows piles of leaves round the roads in intermittent swirls. The trees look a little less green and slowly rain their brown leaves to the ground to be blown with the others. It felt warm the other day and today I feel so cold.

Time to pull out the gloves, scarves and hats. Spend the evenings snuggled up under a warm blanket, to crochet and knit my heart away. Seems about right that it should get cold just days after I finish my summer blanket. Still need to finish the bee though.

They say that this cold will break next week but it sure feels like the beginning of the cold today.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Owls for my DS

Back in July when Animal crossing new leaf was release I bought my self a shiny new limited edition new leaf 3ds xl. It is lovely, such a cute design and I have loved playing it so much, but the other day I noticed a scuff on it. I was horrified! So straight away a decided that I need to make a case. Its going to be a cross stitch case, maybe with a felt lining inside, I have not decided. Above it the pattern I am using, its so sweet and as the museum is run by a owl it seems right. It will be the same both sides with a flap at the top, although I do not know what I will put on the flap yet. 

And here is a progress picture:

Hope you like :D