Thursday, 29 August 2013


Why is there never enough time for crafts. After having a job, time with partner, and a little with friends there seems to be so little time left for crafts. Of course it helps that most of my friends also like to craft but I still have a huge list of things to make mounting up.
So my list starts with bloomers, I really need some, I have enough muslin to make a couple of pairs and the bias binding to finish at least one pair. I need more blouses but I don't have the fabric for those. I have fabric for 2 dresses, one with a brown and gold butterfly bodice and the other plain yellow all over, but I may add a butterfly to that too. Embroidered butterfly's should look great on both, but I need to brush up on my embroidery first.
I have my tea box to line, I have foam and felt to do it, I just need to get going. I have a bracelet to make and want to make a couple for mum to sell when she goes to craft fairs. I need to buy porcelain pen so the girls and I can decorate our cups, and more urgent I need to make a friend a birthday gift.
Oh so much to do.
I also need to tell you about my tray and arrange a photoshoot and of course get ready for the bake off. There just is not enough time. But I guess it would be easier if I where not so easy to distract, if I would just get on work at what I need to do.
Well it beats being board! Ramble over.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Victory, beaded crochet rope.

Crochet beaded rope is a craft I tried many months back now and completely failed at. Now I don't normally fail at crafts, things may not turn out as I hope but it does tend to vaguely work, but when I tried beaded crochet rope I completely failed! All I got was a knot of beads and thread, not even remotely resembling what I was hoping for. So chucked the beads back in their box and wrote it off as the craft I just can't do.

Please do thing me big headed when I say I am good at crafts, I will never run a marathon, paint a master piece, wright a great book, or change the world. I am however quite good at learning things and at making things. I learnt crochet off YouTube, learnt basic dress making with a few pointers from my mum, posts on live journal, and a couple of books in Japanese (which I don't speak/read). I may be clumsy, ditsy and a really bed speller but I know my strengths and one of them is crafts. So when I say I failed at this I mean I was annoyed, I don't fail at crafts.

Lately I have been going a bit bead mad, so I decided I would give this mysterious craft one more go. I watched even more videos, bought some big pony beads so I could better see what was going on and gave it a go. And to my great joy I was sucsessful. The picture above is of my first succesful rope, I was very proud, since then I have done a few other test pieces with smaller beads and I will make a full piece soon and post the results.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My favorite dress

This is my most loved dress lately and has been since my mum finished it for my birthday last year. Its so simple and yet feels so good. Its made with poly cotton and lined with muslin. It had wide ribbon that wraps around the waist and thin that crosses and ties behind the neck.
Walking around in it feels so lovely as it flows around me, makes me feel beautiful and special. Its also really comfy, the sheered panel in the back allows for plenty of movement and the volume of the skirt leaves you plenty of freedom.
I keep finding excuses to wear it, its just so lovely to wear. There is nothing better than walking on a sunny day in this dress with my straw hat on.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

The fruits of my labour

 is what I have made with the fruit I picked the other day. I had a wonderful day with my tea girls picking fruit and I will write a big post later when I get the pictures. 

First let me tell you about my mixed berried on French toast (cinnamon eggy bread). Bread dipped in a mixture of egg, a little milk and cinnamon and grilled, served with a mixture of strawberries, raspberries and cherries cooked with a pinch of sugar on top. Was really yummy.

Strawberry lemonade, was so nice, I just blended up some fresh strawberries in a little lemonade then topped it up with more. So refreshing.

Now this was a real treat, with the jam we made I had a stack of mini pancakes. Oh my where they good, that perfect taste of home made jam mixed with the comfort of pancakes. 

The lefleftover fruit I froze to keep it at its best later.

My crochet kit

Ever since we started the afternoon tea society we had talked about talking hook cases. And once I bought my last set of hooks (I will need large hooks for my full fade wave blanket, to come later) I realised I had 26 hooks, 15 unique sizes and wanted something or some way nice to store and transport them. So I bought a fat quarter of cute fabric and planned my case to have a slot for each hook size and pockets for my needle book, scissors and tape measure.

The outside is waffle stitch and I still need too add some ribbon to hold it closed, the inside looks really good and I even added a space for a pen/pencil. The needle book, althought you can't see it, has a cross stitch heart on the front to match the bag.

I asked mother to line the bag which should help make it last longer and helps the heart pattern show up. 

All in all im I'm very happy with my set, its a pleasure to gather my supplies and head out on a Friday for tea. If anyone ever read this and wanted to know how I made them then leave a comment and i will write up a little something.