Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Week 26 challenge.

I have been totally slacking on my blog lately, life has been demanding too much of my time, plus I'm hooked on a new game. But I need to get back into the swing of it.

So from now on Tuesday is blog night. New challenge set and post about the last challenge if I haven't already. There is so much I want to make and so much I want to do I just need to get a move on and do it. 

With that in mind this weeks challenge will be to make healthy frozen treats. I found my ice lolly mould out of the cupboard so now I just need to work out what to make. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Hama hair accessories

I have completed the last task, late but I got there in the end, and even worn one set to work. My assembly method let me down and even after just one day the glue is failing. Back to the drawing board.

And here are some other things I have made, I added loops as I intend to use them as pendants. Need to get me some thing to string them on to. 

And today at afternoon tea I plan to make dice with Hama beads.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Strawberry Swirl Bun Report and Week 23 challenge (Hama Hair Accessories)

The strawberry swirls where a partial success. The came up well, tasted nice but I think I over cooked them. They where too brown on top and a bit dry. I had run out of milk so I used coconut milk, which worked nice but I wonder if they would have been even better with real milk.

I didn't include the butter in the middle or the frosting on top in a attempt to be more healthy, I guess these would have made it moister but I'm trying to be good. Even with my failing they did taste good, they didn't have the normal heavy and yeasty feel my normal bread has, I'm not sure if this is all the recipe or using my mixer.

I will definitely try the recipe again, maybe with different jams or use it to make cinnamon buns. Next time I will make sure I use milk and watch it like a hawk while they are in the oven.
Sorry no pictures, I made them before bed on Thursday to take for afternoon tea on Friday. As they where a small batch they didn't last long enough to get photos.

This weeks challenge is Hama hair accessories