Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pictures and New Challenge, week 22 (Strawberry Swirl Buns)

Oops I missed a week, I am all out of my rhythm after my holiday. Best get back to it. 

I did get to go for a ride, I am still a little wobbly and I need to get my gears and brakes seen to but I did managed a couple of rides. Once I have the bike all fixed I will be getting out more, I want to tone up after my holiday excess, which was on top of my Easter chocolate excess, and I never really got over my Xmas excess.

This weeks challenge will be to make Jam Sweet rolls. I have a lovely sounding recipe to try out and it looks and sounds delicious. I know its not going to help me tone up but we all need treats now and then. I will be extra good up till then to make up for it.

I know I have been neglecting my blog so to make up for it here is some pictures of what I have been up to lately:

Me on the hill on mayday in my green.

The Jack in the parade.

Steampunk morris men, very kool

Friend taking in the sun.

The jack coming on stage.

My arty shot for  day.The Jack just before it got killed from between the legs of a boggy man.

This is me and my friends about a quarter of the way to Rye. This is before the real pain started.

Friday, 17 May 2013

My favorite week of the year

The time from mayday till my birthday is always special to me and I always without fail book it off work. This year it has been great. In fact my whole holiday has been great.

My time in Scotland with uni friends was great. I came back and had hardly a day to rest before a trip to IKEA to get supplies to sort my wardrobe, it was great, but then any day with mummy, my aunt (don't tell her I used the "a" word) and my friend is good no matter what we do.

I walked 13 miles to a town a couple of towns over. That hurt and I have a purple toe nail to prove it. A nice weekend with my man and Monday brought may day. It is quite possible the best day of the year down here, and this year was a really great one. The weather was wonderful and everyone was out all greened up.
The middle of the week was time for some good old relaxing me time, mixed of course with more time with the girls and getting sorted for my birthday. 

My birthday was a great one, a dim sum lunch with my mummy and 2 of my best friends followed by some baking. Some last minute tidying before dinner, getting dressed up and waiting for my friends for a indoor picnic. We ended up playing monopoly till 2 in the morning.

So when Monday came round and the evil sound of my alarm rang out I was a little sad, its been so great the last couple of weeks I wish I could have just a little longer.

There hasn't been a real challenge for the last couple of weeks but I will need one this week. So let's make it to go for a bike ride. After a holiday of naughty food and not getting in my exercise, my trousers are feeling a little tight. So as my man is feeling a little chubby to we have bought new bikes and want to get into cycling.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Mad times

I have been away for a bit and have neglected this. Its been a busy week or so. I have gone to Scotland, been to a wedding, got very drunk, seen so many friends I have not seen in ages. Come home, been to IKEA and had my big wardrobe tidy, walked to rye, had a couple of relaxed days over the weekend and now its may day. 

May day is one of the best days in Hastings, the town is full of motorbikes, morris dancers, people in green and general good feelings. I'm off to the jack in the green celebration, got my green coat ready and the weather is meant to be good.

Given that its all been a bit mad this week I have not set or done any challenges, although if I had thought about it I should have set my walk to rye as a challenge as that hurt, won't be doing that again.

I am still slowly working on my new blanket but its slow going, I made a coaster to match with my new hama beads from IKEA. Hopefully tomorrow morning I'm having friends round and we will be playing with hama beads. One of my friends in Scotland gave me 2 new boards, a round and a hex one, which is great as I didn't have them. 

We still need to finish my bunny skirt, the pink one for my friend looks great and she loves it, so I can't wait to get my blue one. I need to do a pattern for the summer dresses, more so as its actually getting sunny now. 

I don't think I have mentioned it before but the society/group we have started called the Afternoon Tea Society is going well, we have plans to make lots of stuff. There are a few of us now, all a lovely bunch who love to craft. 

I guess that's enough of me talking, I will hopefully have a more picture based post coming up soon as well as a challenge for next week (I'm counting the walk as last weeks), laters.